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3 rd and 15, 7:13 to go, down 10 pts ... what does Pete do?

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  • 3 rd and 15, 7:14 to go, down 2 scores.
    I believe Pete would have played it safer and trusted his defense to stop niners.
    KC has the better O-Line, of course, which made. Reid decision easier tol swim or sink with his best player swinging the bat.
    I wish Pete would develop this type of relationship with his best players: Russell right now. We don't want to rehash the lost SB.
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  • Come on bro, give Pete a little more credit then that.
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  • It’s really quite simple. Pete says to Russ, “it’s go time, do your thing”!
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  • On what yard line?
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  • Pete would have sent in Fant as an eligible lineman, then sent DK and Lockett on deep routes, and kept everyone else in to block.
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  • If you're trying to say Pete is conservative then taking a shot on 3rd down is a terrible example. We do this multiple times per game just like every other NFL team. Taking shots on 4th down is a bigger deal with much stronger pros and much stronger cons.

    Our last key conservative/aggressive decision occurred in the divisional game with 25 minutes remaining. We were trailing by 18, it was 4th and 1 on the 4, and Pete went for the 1st down rather than kicking the FG to make it a two score game. He also had a slightly conservative decision earlier in that game when he punted on 4th and 1 from his own 42 yard line.
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  • OP, Dude, did you miss all those 3rd down 30 yard completions to Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin the last 8-ish years? Oh, but those came on 3rd and 3, not 3rd and 15 so they don't count. Not to mention that wheel route to Lynch, I think in the NFCCG of 2013. And who can forget 4th and 7 in that NFCCG?

    I swear, Russell throws deep a TON on 3rd and makeable, and probably has phenomenal numbers on those throws.
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  • He probably burns a time out . :D
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  • Gotta be honest, THAT made me laugh ^^^^
    Great coach, horrific at time management.
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