Marshawn training on the boots

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  • Eddie could do this too at Alki, but he'd have a hard time dodging the kelp, logs and hipsters braiding each other's beards.
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  • He's going to light it up.
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  • I think he's going for 1,100 and 10+ TD this year.
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  • He hasn't been playing and is older now..I think he gets hurt and doesn't produce big numbers.
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  • I would be surprised if he exceeded 600 yards and 4-6 TDs. Back issues don't magically go away with age. I hope he does better, but don't see it with the miles his body has already accumulated, year off or not.

    One thing is for sure though, the NFL hype machine is fully on-board the Raiders' train.
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  • That's some deep sand to. I don't know if any of you have tried working out in the sand but it will knock the s**t out of you. A serious workout.
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  • Great training program for Marshawn to improve his footwork. He looks as powerful as ever. Here's hoping he has a tremendous season and memorable swan song.
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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:Eddie could do this too at Alki, but he'd have a hard time dodging the kelp, logs and hipsters braiding each other's beards.

    Or at Evergreen State College, but he'd be dodging the hippies braiding each other's lush, full-bodied (Pert) rectal pubic hair. ... l-vacation
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