Teams complain that Packers violated IR rule

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  • They better penalize the Packers somehow, and not in a slap-on-the-wrist way.
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  • Make them release him he would look great in a Cleveland uniform. We could definitively answer the question if he is good enough to prop up a bad franchise.
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  • This would be the most legendary thing thats happened in the NFL in a while
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  • Didn’t TO screw up his free agency paperwork a while back? The Niners ended up being able to trade him because his agent screwed up when he should have been free to sign anywhere.
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  • He won't get released even tho its a rule.
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  • Yep rules say he should be released...enforce it goodell
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  • :lol: :lol:

    Every team abuses the heck out of the IR rules, but I also might just not care that much because the 9ers are such bad offenders.

    The league can give em a cash fine if they want, but even that feels like overkill to me.

    I think a warning letter is fine.
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  • homerun1970 wrote:Make them release him he would look great in a Cleveland uniform.

    Even better in a Minnesota uniform.
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  • Legacy team = slap on the wrist.

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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:
    homerun1970 wrote:Make them release him he would look great in a Cleveland uniform.

    Even better in a Minnesota uniform.

    If he were released, he would be put on waivers, which would mean each team could stake a claim in obverse order of the standings, which means Cleveland would snap him up in a heartbeat.
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  • They will just doctor the paperwork to say it was a different injury and not the collarbone
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  • It seems pretty much black and white to me. If the NFL makes an exception for the Cheeseheads, then they have set a precedent.
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  • Doesn't the NFL have to approve every IR transaction and placement? In that case the NFL would have approved Rodgers placement on IR and already deemed it okay.
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