Ughh...Holmgren talking to the Ray-duhs

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Ughh...Holmgren talking to the Ray-duhs
Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:32 pm
  • Per, Holmgren is talking to Inverdale re a front office job.

    He obviously wasn't done tarnishing his legacy.
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  • Makes some sense though, since he's spent a lot of time previously in the Bay Area and really seems to be a West Coast type of guy. Definitely makes more sense than Cleveland, although even Holmgren isn't enough to make me root for the Raiders

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  • They are building a Green Bay attached front office, he could do a number of things, McKenzie is GM, President of Football operations or something of that nature maybe. Getting names there to move a stadium build forward is also a thought.

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  • Holmgren has a house in the bay area. Makes sense.
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  • Scottemojo wrote:Holmgren has a house in the bay area. Makes sense.

    Holmgren gotta get paid, son!
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  • It's a little known fact that walruses are native to the Bay Area. True story.
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  • It's a good fit for the Raiders, kind of sad for Holmgren.

    He built a damn good team in Cleveland, just whiffed on the QB position. IMO, he's learned from his mistakes and do VERY well there.
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