X games snowmoble rider Caleb Moore has died

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  • I've known a few people (kids) that died riding snow mobiles, and they weren't even trying to jump them. There massive machines that are not mean't to be flipped. But, that's the risk extreme sports athletes are willing to take. As a former skateboarder, with aspirations to to it for a living...watching what kids are willing to risk, I had to hang it up. I decided to go to college instead.

    R.I.P. Caleb Moore...truly a beast.

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  • Yikes! I saw the accident. he got up and walked after it. Crazy. Awful tragedy. he and his brother Colton were true pioneers in snowmobile trick competitions.
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  • I saw that when it happened. It was really scary. It is a shame but obviously you have to know the risks when do stuff that crazy.
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  • those dudes are nuts.. thoughts go out to his family.
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  • This really sucks. I enjoyed watching him and his bro. for years
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  • RIP Caleb.
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  • Craziness...he started competing in 2010 after only a month on snowmobiles? That's ridiculous...I know he was experienced with the ATV before that, but damn...4 X-Games golds too.
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  • Watched this the other day. Totally sucks, but it is one of the risks I guess. His little brother got busted up at the same event.

    The worst outcome of this is that the "safety-crats" will try to ban this sport ASAP!
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  • Heard on the news he was fine and talking; but a few day later his heart bleeding caused bleeding....sad.

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