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Seahawks Fans: Why The Hostility?

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Re: Seahawks Fans: Why The Hostility?
Fri Nov 27, 2020 5:59 am
  • First, I'll have to grant the OP's premise that sometimes things can seem divisive and hostile on here. Speaking only for myself, I've learned to not get overly attached to any difference of opinion, or seemingly hostile line of questioning others might have. Different posters definitely have a "posting personality", and their own unique viewpoint. Sometimes there are posters who abuse the same themes over and over and over, same old second-guessing complaints. Overall, the board makes up for it by having so many terrific posters who share interesting information. As someone else pointed out, sometimes a PM exchange can clear up misunderstandings and get things onto a friendly track.

    I really appreciate posters who offer a different spin, make me think about things I was unaware of, or share unique insights. For example, BigSkyDoc seems to be a real doc, who can break down injuries and surgeries and recovery prognoses, in a concise, authoritative, and useful way. I love the info and analysis Fade puts into his posts. I PM'ed JerHawk not that long ago to compliment him on how well he set up a survey thread. I've enjoyed the posts of RamFan128 in the NFL forum, which I only truly discovered a year ago. We have an abundance of terrific other-team posters on this board. Heck, I can say positive things about interactions with pretty much everyone who's posted in this thread.

    Before this board, it was hard to know the truth about players, coaches, and schemes, because the traditional media just didn't cover the negatives and shortcoming accurately, trying to be "nice" or whatever. For example, which offensive linemen are good, which ones truly suck, and what are their actual strengths and weaknesses, and why would you play one over the other, against a particular opponent? This board can provide answers to that question, and yes, sorting through opinions, but overall with a lot of good, high quality and often in-depth information being shared. Does DC KNJ really suck horribly, or are there other factors handicapping him? That one's still an open question, but this is the best place to get unfiltered and sometimes even accurate info. (I think it's been over a week since the latest "Fire Norton!" thread) Anyway, this place is great for getting answers to those many questions inquiring minds want to know.
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Re: Seahawks Fans: Why The Hostility?
Fri Nov 27, 2020 2:03 pm
  • Baby Boomers + Social media/forums = angry shizz talk. It's cognitive dissonance.
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Re: Seahawks Fans: Why The Hostility?
Fri Nov 27, 2020 3:43 pm
  • Aros wrote:The culture has absolutely shifted in recent years. This site used to have an unbelievable family vibe, and like any family, it wasn't always perfect but in the end the respect and friendship we felt for one another was obvious. There's natural attrition with any forum community over time and this site has lost, through either death or just moving on, some unbelievable posters, characters and wickedly smart football minds.

    However, there's still plenty of quality folks here that I enjoy reading their posts.

    I used to host .NET get togethers back when I still owned the site. So we weren't just characters typing on a keyboard, we were faces to the names, and it was always terrific fun to get to know the personalities in person, it always offered a whole new dynamic when reading their posts. For instance, someone who might have been a bit more cantankerous online, would make a lot of sense when you would meet them in person. Perhaps it was part of their "Schtick" and they were actually really cool in person, and so forth.

    Since I sold the site years ago there have been two owners. In that time, the community has changed. Not because of the ownership necessarily, it's just life. One of the finest members of this community, Les Norton returned Home a few months after our Super Bowl victory in 2014. Some call me The Godfather of .NET but Les was the Grandfather, the kind every grandkid adored. Losing him was a massive blow to the site.

    It's easy to be keyboard warriors but I've always believed in the importance of not changing who you are, either behind a keyboard or in person. Kindness is in short supply when it comes to something we are all so passionate about. Sometimes anger and being a jerk is really some other misplaced feelings being externalized. Without the indicators of body language, voice inflection, etc, it's easy to misconstrue the intent behind the words.

    Refreshing post TypeSly. It behooves us all to be reminded from time to time that it's okay to be kind.

    So spot on about losing Les. This board has not recovered from his passing. I feel so fortunate to have met him and his wife in person.
    I honestly don’t think this site will ever get that greatness back. No offense to the current mods.
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Re: Seahawks Fans: Why The Hostility?
Fri Nov 27, 2020 4:14 pm
  • Before I joined or shortly after, Les passed and some people from here bought him a seat to the Seattle-Chargers away game. They tried to give the seat away to Boys and Girls Club but it was on short notice so they took pictures of it.
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Re: Seahawks Fans: Why The Hostility?
Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:13 am
  • And on a side note, you can be a homer and STILL be plenty aware of what work needs to be done.
    This is a good team that can get a lot better. I'm not so blind that I think they can do no wrong. This team has had some incredibly brutal defensive performances, and clunkers in their 3 losses.
    I believe in the team, but I'm not w/out frustration or anger like anyone else. The Defense is slowly improving, so there is reason for hope. Let's just see what they do tonight, one week at a time. This team is CAPABLE of doing some damage in the playoffs. Like many teams in the NFC, they have their weaknesses.
    The NFC is wide open imo.
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