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From a player perspective how r we any better than last yr?

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  • Replacing Schotty with someone who will make Russ throw quick and not look for the hail mary every play is an upgrade.

    Huge upgrade at LG, if he helps block Donald in the playoff game, maybe we advance. It's that small a margin and we have made a massive upgrade there.

    I really like the D line additions. Dunlap is the key to the off season, and Hyder is an upgrade over Reed. Also getting Mayowa back, add in Robinson getting another year older and maybe the great hype of Taylor and that's a formittable Dline. Also, almost forgot extending Poona.

    Losing Shaq is tough but the Jags paid superstar money for average corner play.
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  • They're bringing back pretty much the same team as last year so far.

    But with 3 big improvements personnel wise, TE, DE, & LG.

    The biggest weakness last season was their lack of scheming on offense, choosing to go with nearly the same plan week after week, oblivious to the opponent.

    Waldron's strength is scheming. That was his job every week, serving as McVay's top luitenant. He was the biggest upgrade of the off-season if Pete stays out of the way, which I think he will. If he wanted another "yes" man Waldron wouldn't have been the hire.

    You should see Wilson under center running wide zone with boot action off of it, plus more uptempo with the field spread looking to score early and often keeping defenses on their heels if Waldron truly has the reins.

    Funfact: Wilson dropped back around 40 times in the Rams playoff game where he was consistently hit and harassed. The Seahawks called ZERO designed rollouts. That won't happen under Waldron.
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