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Should Seahawks management copy Patriots moves?

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  • They let Brady go. Had a year of not making playoffs. This year they went 2-4 until they, as of this moment, have a 5 game winning streak and are on top of their division at 7-4 with a Rookie QB playing surprisingly well. One of the best defenses in the league. Should Seahawks do the same too? Trade or comply with Wilson’s wish/list to move on, have a down year next year and the year after that get a rookie QB with the defense being elite. The defense is close to being great to elite right now.
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  • They didn't let Brady go, he left. He was tired of fighting for contracts and trying to wrestle more control from Belichick.

    So sure, copy what the Patriots did;

    1. Draft another great QB
    2. Spend 150M in free agency
    3. Make sure all those free agents are great fits and needs for your team
    4. Stink for a year to get your cap right so you can go spend all that money

    The question I have for you is how in the world could you think Pete and John could pull this off? All they've done since our SB years is screw up trades and drafts.

    Possible? Sure. With this front office? Highly doubtful.
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