Potential roster replacements via this years draft.

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  • I'd encourage everyone to take a look at the -current- Seahawks roster, it's pretty easy to see the dead wood among them. Dead wood should be replaced by better players from the draft (and FA). Keep in mind that the Seahawks have a limited # of picks in the top-100, so it's most likely that day 2, and middle to late round picks will likely be required to address these replacements in the draft.

    Getting ready for the coming draft, I find it helpful to look at the current roster and try to determine which of the current Seahawks players are "replaceable" by draft picks. Because they have a fixed 53 man roster, multiple improvements can be made throughout by replacing maybe a starter or two as well as replacing some B/U's and a few 3-rd stringers all that have underperformed, have been injured too much or never lived up to their potential. The roster players I've picked for replacement may be VERY arbitrary, if so, make up your own lists, same with these PDR's.

    12/31/2018; My Seahawks current roster analysis of players that are most likely replaceable in the draft.
    PDR = "Possible Draft Replacement" players that MAY BE AVAILABLE -WHEN- the Seahawks pick (after PROBABLE 1-st round trade down to obtain more draft stock -- so top of 2-nd round = their likely top pick this year.)

    -----DT-Shemar Stephen, 6-5/309 - Replaceable, Easy call, hasn't done much! A rotational DT need.
    PDR- DT's: Wilkens, Davis, Beckner, Gaines, Willis lll, Bryant, Huggins. et. al.

    -----DE-Brandon Jackson, 6-4/295 - Replaceable, Easy call, not seen much, sticks if they can't do better.
    PDR- DE/EDGE: Allen, Polite, Walker, Winovich, Ximines, Gustin, Nelson, Zuniga, Willikes, et. al. (some may play at OLB as well as DE or LEO-EDGE)

    -----LB-Emmanuel Ellerbee, 6-1/235 - Replaceable, A PS guy we haven't seen much of. LB = a need.
    PDR- LB's: Allen, Pratt, Miller, S. Smith, Ejyia, Greenlaw, Gilbert, Tranquill, Johnson, Harvey, et. al. (whomever they pick will likely be pretty "speedy" & the Combine will probably be an indicator of who they may pick).

    -----CB-Kalen Reed, 5-11/199 - Replaceable, bottom of roster spot, so improve it with a good player.
    PDR- CB's: Hall, Layne, Peters, Baity, Lewis, Boyd, Brown, Westry, et. al.

    -----FS-Tedrick Thompson, 6-0/204 - Replaceable, Lacking long speed = a problem? Maybe he's a B/U=?
    -----SS-Shalom Luani, 6-0/202 - Replaceable, Might be a fringe player, hasn't shown much yet, Potential=?
    PDR- FS/SS's: Adderly, Tell, J. Johnson, C. Hansen, Redwine, Thornhill, Wiley.

    -----WR-Jaron Brown, 6-3/204 - Replaceable, Marginal stats for $ spent. Tall, but can he get open much?
    PDR- WR's: Isabella, Hurd, Campbell, Davis, Butler, Williams, Mitchell, Humphery, et. al.

    -----OL-Elijah Nkansah, 6-5/315 - Replaceable, a fringe practice squad type player, unknown Potential.
    PDR- OT's: Hyatt, Sharping, McGovern, McGary, Kelly, Cole, Taylor, Gray, et. al.
    PDR- OG's: Herbig, Powers, Ivey, Lindstrom, Bars, Sims, et. al.

    #1 = Place kicker, + RB, FB, DL, CB, OL, WR.

    -----CURRENT INJURED RESERVED ROSTER-----(Not very many keepers here, if any?)
    --DE-Ricky Ali'fua, 6-2/297 - Little known fringe player. unknown Potential=?
    --LB-Emmanuel Beal, 6-0/223 - Little known fringe player. unknown Potential=?
    --WR-Amara Darboh, 6-2/215 - Injury history doesn't help his status, maybe he improves availability =?
    --FS-T. J. Mutcherson, 5-10/197 - Little known fringe player. Potential=? Who knows?
    --RB-C. J. Procise, 6-1/225 - Injury history doesn't help his status, likely a cut after the next injury or two?
    --FS-Earl Thomas, 5-10/202 - ET is GONE, either retirement or FA for some team?

    MY CONCLUSIONS from this analysis:
    The players I'd currently like to see drafted to fill the positions of: DT, DE/EDGE, LB, CB, FS/SS, WR, OL, ---> from the above lists. Note: This is just my list of potential draftees based on current info, subject to change as more information becomes available. MY current top picks = Willis lll, Walker, C. Miller, Layne, Adderly, Isabella & Sharping,

    DT-Willis lll, Bryant, Gains, Wilkens & Davis (Wilkens & Davis may be gone)
    DE/EDGE-Walker, Winovich, Polite & Allen - (Polite & Allen may be long gone)
    LB-C. Miller, S. Smith, Ejyia, Gilbert, Allen - (Allen may be long gone)
    CB-Layne, Peters, Baity, Boyd - (Boyd may be long gone)
    FS-Adderly, SS-C. Hansen, SS-Redwine, & FS-J. Johnson - (J. Johnson may be long gone)
    WR-Isabella, Hurd, Butler & Humphrey - (Butler & Humphrey may be long gone)
    OL-Sharping, Herbig, Powers & Taylor - (OT-Taylor may be gone)
    + UDFA's: They always find a few decent players - every year.
    ------>My sleeper type picks from this list that could be viable Seahawk players (more info needed) include:
    LB-Sutton Smith, SS-Chase Hansen, FS-Nasir Adderly, WR-Andy Isabella, WR-Jalen Hurd & OT/OG-Max Sharping.

    Sorry for the length of post, I'm anxiously awaiting the next bowl game as well as the post season for gathering more information. My favorite time of year, is getting ready for the draft.

    Also of note: My daughter brought me back a Seahawks shirt from Mexico, it has "Si Hawks" on it and the logo has a "sombrerro" on it, Anyone seen that before? Pretty darn neat. GO HAWKS.

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  • Extensive list there, good stuff for me to look in to.

    Love the t-shirt.

    "Do you like Seattle?"

    " Si, Hawks... "
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  • I believe Branden Jackson stays. He's cheap, young and consistently getting better and better pressure from the edge and the inside. Good pass rusher, still getting better.
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