Texas A&M WR missing since Monday

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Texas A&M WR missing since Monday
Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:36 pm
  • Scary story. I hope it ends well, but I have a feeling its going to end badly. I remember reading stories about this kid last year when Oregon was recruiting him, and he seemed like a really good kid.

    "All of us are obviously very concerned about the safety and well-being of Thomas Johnson, who has been missing since Monday evening," Sumlin said in the statement. "Authorities are working closely with his family, friends and law enforcement agencies to help locate him. Thomas is a tremendous student-athlete, greatly admired by his fellow teammates and all of us on the coaching staff. If anyone has any current information about him or knows of his whereabouts, please contact his family or law enforcement authorities immediately. We pray for his quick and safe return." ... ing-monday
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Re: Texas A&M WR missing since Monday
Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:50 pm
  • I hope he comes back.... But the odds aren't good.

    Some people go through their life only really wanting attention. Yet sometimes the most attention you will get is the kind you only get when you're in a bad situation....

    It's odd to think that if he is found, it will barely be a story anymore. It only matters if something bad happens. Like Trent Cole's flip of Okung. Most of us were only mad that he wasn't fined more because of the season ending injury to Okung. We should only judge the actions and such, but in the end we still end up judging the consequences.....

    Who knows right now. Is this one of those law and order things, were he is in a dark place right now? Where some freak has taken him? Those scared moments, you walk through the streets thinking it will never happen to you, and next thing you know it's like your starred on a murder show. Except there isn't a "hero" to come save you. You get lucky if there's one. You usually die, and in those situations you just have to hope it's not painful... God I hope that's not what happened to this kid. I hope he fell asleep somewhere and slept in or something.

    Yet if he just fell asleep in his car or something, we will not care. We only care about the consequences. So we will only care if this kid dies. Sad. We have so much things to do, that the only thing that really makes this situation matter in our minds is if he dies. Let's hope he's fine.

    Just remember, the only reason it's getting this much publicity is because he might be gone already. Sickening. But I guess I can't judge.... We're all the same way. The same demented way.
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Re: Texas A&M WR missing since Monday
Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:01 am
  • Dallas Police reporting that he has been found alive this morning.

    No details at this point.
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