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WFT is not an easily winnable game next week

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  • They beat Brady and the Bucs 2 weeks ago and just beat Cam Newton and the Panthers. Another tough opponent for the Hawks. Sigh.
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  • Unfortunately our team is playing like one of the worst teams in the league, I’m actually expecting another loss next week.
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  • Yeah, i'm not expecting to win that game either.
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  • Yep, we're going to lose it too.
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  • Anyone the hawks play right now is a tough game. Been a while since Seattle was the layup team but right now that’s the case.
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  • Washington by 10 at least in my mind. Solid team. Not consistent but we are prime for the picking. And, though the NFC is a crapshoot, they are only a game out of a WC spot
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  • With this offensive offense, poor coaching, and playcalling, there is no such creature as an automatic winnable game.
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  • Hell...I'd be willing to bet we give the lowly lions their only win this year. Seriously though, we don't win another game if we can't make some progress on offense..!!
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