Who won the Max Unger/ Jimmy Graham Trade?

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  • We did. We got Graham, who is playing well and will only get better, and we ended up with an All Pro Center who, so far, hasn't been injured.

    Love Max Unger though. Hope he has success in New Orleans, just not against us :D

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  • The problem with this topic the way it is framed is that it's an either/or answer. The truth lies in between.

    The team has tried to change Grahams's style of play to match the serious need for blocking help when Graham is a mismatch move type TE. Greater use of his superior length notwithstanding last season's' steam record in receptions and great use of him in the redbone wherehe presents a real match up concern for opposing Ds would easily for me tip the scale in favour of the Hawks winning this trade.

    For me it is frustrating to watch him not used somewhat similarly to his use in NO. His length creates a constant mismatch but seems to be ignored. As well the opportunity cost of losing a 1st round pick grates and although the team assuredly pickup a great player their use of his talent has disappointed.

    Presently my vote was earlier stated, but easily could be changed if the team could learn to use his skill better. The problem for me is the seeming inability to constantly and in a game changing way to incorporate TEs into the scheme. Nick Vannett was universally thought to be a great addition and may have been insurance for Willson leaving but he has been mostly invisible.

    Happily last game the use of our TEs improved and increased along with the general improvement of the O and a rarely seen use of slants and short outs to them was part of the equation. I remain hopeful.
    Until we develop a pass rush that will cause opposing teams to be forced to scheme to defend it we will never be able to consistently take the final step. The interior rush needs improvement. The OLine clearly still needs work.

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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:
    HawkFan72 wrote:Jimmy Graham had the best year of any TE in Seahawks history last year, but apparently he hasn't done anything here.

    1. That's not saying much, considering we've never had an amazing Pro Bowl caliber TE in 40 years. Mike Tice? Jeramy Stevens? Zach Miller? John Carlson? Not exactly a laundry list of HOF'ers there.

    2. Expectations. When we traded for Graham, many of us envisioned 1,500 yards and 15 TD's, like he was rolling in New Orleans.

    Probably not fair being in this offense, but none the less those were the expectations of a LOT of fans. So yeah Graham's done OK, maybe even above average for a year. But when you're one of the highest paid TE's, and you just got traded for a very good center, the expectations are very high..........and frankly he hasn't lived up to those expectations.

    Expectations of think they know it all, echoing fans, maybe JG hasn't lived up to all their expected hype, but on the other side of reality, a younger & healthier Justin Britt certainly has replaced a Center that was likely going to be cut, so to that end, the trading away of our Center turned out to be a wash.
    Without a top 10 Run game, Russell Wilson needed (needs) more targets, Graham isn't the TE Blocker that Zach Miller was, but he is a better Receiver, Both teams got what they needed, so the trade was a WIN for both sides.
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  • If we are such winners on this deal, I wonder why no contract extension has been offered?

    On 2nd thought....No I don't,
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  • No one "won" that trade, unfortunately.

    Saints lost a vital red zone threat they have never fully replaced. And the first round pick blew up in their faces.

    Meanwhile, the Seahawks have stubbornly refused to use Graham as more receiver than in-line TE. We are still missing a red zone threat, and our blocking is the worst in the league.

    I think the trade hurt both teams equally.
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  • Siouxhawk wrote:
    Seymour wrote:This Saints fellow also attentively added that we used the fourth rounder to draft Lockett. That makes the trade at least a wash at this juncture.

    I don't like evaluating traded draft picks this way, there were other ways we could have moved up to draft Locket (eg. in theory we could have used the first rounder from this trade to get the high third used for Lockett, get back extra picks for moving down, and save all the other picks we sent to Washington).

    How bad this trade was for the Seahawks kind of depends on to what extent we believe Britt's emergence last year was due to the move to center versus just gaining extra experience. If Britt would have made similar improvements at guard, even one-for-one (ignoring turning a 1st into a 4th), I'd take Unger over Graham. That's not to say Unger is the better player, just that the last couple years I think an extra quality lineman was more important than what turned out to be a decent receiving tight-end.
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  • Neither team won a Super Bowl nor even reached the game. So as far as I'm concerned? It is a wash.

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