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Clayton: Seahawks showing why patience is key for winning

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  • Aaah, the Yugo. Nice. Makes me think of The Pacer, The Gremlin and the Pinto :irishdrinkers:
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  • Maelstrom787 wrote:
    pittpnthrs wrote:
    bmorepunk wrote:
    pittpnthrs wrote:Oh, so you remember the Seahawks without Russell Wilson.


    We're talking about today, not 30 years ago.


    What does this even mean? I know you were doing your best to be cute and sarcastic, but you are poor at it.

    Bringing up the 90's is the saddest excuse for accepting todays results ever. Its the same as somebody saying their new mustang that runs like crap is perfectly fine because they used to have one 30 years ago that ran even worse. I'll never understand the mindset.

    The new Mustang in your analogy doesn't run like crap, though. It ran really, really well last year until the end.

    Now we're gonna give it a tune up and get it back on the road strong rather than throwing it away and entering the used car market, praying for a good deal.

    Not really though. That new Mustang won some early drag races but you recognized something was still amiss. Regardless, you kept driving it and still won a lot of races even though you were looking at the upcoming competition in the finals realizing they had better running cars. Once the finals started, you lost. Surprise,,,,or was it? Now the crew chief just wants to give it a tuneup instead of changing things and you expect different results which arent going to happen. But hey, its still a better running Mustang then the one you had 30 years ago right?
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