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Pete Ball

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Re: Pete Ball
Wed Nov 24, 2021 9:19 am
  • Celtic Wolff wrote:
    Pete has a history of of altering/changing this Seattle offense REGARDLESS of who the offensive coordinator is. Lets not pretend that Pete is hands-off with this Seahawk offense and gives the OC autonomy to implement the game plan from week to week. In fact, its the exact opposite!

    Evidence? Remember the beginning of last season with the "let Russ cook" offense? The first few games (5-0), the Seahawk "let russ cook" offense was extremely successful. Then, when Seattle faced good, quality teams like the Bills, Rams and cardinals (1-3), and Russ threw a couple interceptions (more 2-high safety looks), Pete started to panic and CHANGED this extremely effective offense back to the same old "Pete Ball" crap! Remember PC saying, “We needed to run the football more (down the stretch) and (have) more commitment (to it) to run them out of their fronts..." and “As the season unfolded, it kind of played its way into the style of defenses we were playing and we didn’t adapt as well as I would have liked to,” Carroll said. “And that’s not what the fans want to hear because they want to hear ‘keep throwing the thing all over the yard.’ I don’t care about that..." and “As we came on defensively, I adjusted us some to make sure we were really taking care of the football knowing we could win some games by the way we were playing defense, which you’ve seen us do that for 10 years around here,”

    Again, this is Pete's offense and Pete's defense all day every day! Another component of Pete Ball is little to no adjustments from week to week. Evidence? Just this week when Pete was "disappointed" and "had no answer's", Tyler Lockett said the following:

    "When you look at what teams are doing consistently week in and week out, nobody is doing that against us, so we have to, like I said, I keep saying adjust because [b]we have to understand what teams are doing[/b]," Lockett continued. "Once we finally figure out the game plan, that’s when we are able to get moving. That’s the thing that we are all trying to figure out and learn because teams are just throwing out different coverages. When you’re getting ready for a week and you see what they are doing consistently, and they aren’t playing any of the stuff they normally do, you have to be able to figure things out faster.”When asked about Lockett's remarks during his Monday press conference, Carroll didn't concur, initially responding, "You're assuming that he's right."

    Look, Pete Carroll is a classy head coach and a consummate professional. He will always be remembered for brining a super bowel victory to Seattle! NOBODY can take that away from this Seattle Seahawks organization or the city of Seattle. Sometime, however, its just time! Coaches who stay with one organization for over a decade (Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Pete Carroll) are extremely rare. The NFL is always changing and evolving. Offenses AND defenses are eventually figured out! This Seahaws team has been in decline the past few years, slowly and painfully. That's why Seattle needs to go in another direction. A fresh start with a new head coach that can bring a new innovative philosophy!

    Go Hawks!

    Yes when Russ became a turnover machine and couldn't solve for 2 deep, Pete stepped in.

    But when the offense was good in game 1 this year? Stepping in for what? Because it had great success? Illogical. Why would it be allowed to be installed in camp in the first place?

    No this is Russ Ball we are seeing. Pete has placated Russ to run the offense the way Russ wants to. More shotgun as per usual. Less under center. Holding onto to the ball as per usual. Less quick decisions based on reads. More out routes. Less in routes because he's afraid of the middle. 40 passes to 11 runs? Yeah that's definitely not Pete Ball.

    Waldron being "open" to some things they did before? What was Pete supposed to say when he was asked that question. Waldron is not open?

    And for the record, I agree that the team needs to move on from the HC.
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Re: Pete Ball
Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:11 am
  • Pete Ball. Greg Olsen @13:10:

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Re: Pete Ball
Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:37 am
  • Pete handcuffing Waldron after the 1st half of the colts game seems to be a common opinion. Did he take the cuffs off against the Titans for 30 points? Did he put them back on after we took a 17-7 lead against the Vikings? Take them off when we scored 28 vs niners? Put them back on after we scored first for a 7-0 lead against the Rams?Took them off against the Jaguars? Or was Waldron neutered during the scoring streaks? Pete doesnt call plays or meddle as much as poeple want to believe.
    Wilson has always been a streaky player and probably always will be. With the finger we havent seen him under center much, if at all. Even handing off has to hurt. It doesnt surprise me we didnt run much at GB now I think about it. A broken finger isnt that big of a deal until its on your hand and your bumping it every time you turn around.
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