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Rooting for or against the Rams v GB?

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  • Rooting for GB.

    Rams have no chance of beating GB, GB is way better team than what Seattle had this year, better D and better offense, Also, Rodgers is more mobile than Wilson. You may flush Rodgers out of the pocket, but he still can run for the 1st down marker.

    GB has to stop the run from Akers, Henderson and that other RB, Goff doesn't do well in cold games. If Kupp can't play, then they wouldn't score more than 17 points. The matchup that I would like to see is Kenny Clark and Smith brothers, against their OL.

    Final score 34-16.
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  • SantaClaraHawk wrote:I'm going to have to side with GB...for completely pragmatic reasons.

    Everyone knows a town goes off more with a win. This "town" is in fact Southern California. Covid rates are 20 percent in LA already.

    It's the worst time for them to win. I suppose the same for GB too, but I haven't heard of their state ordering half a dozen refrigerated trucks down there yet.

    LOL What would the purpose of "refrigerated trucks" coming to Green Bay in January be? A refuge from the cold to come warm up in?
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  • I absolutely despise both teams. I respect that Rams D, and Erin is a whiney b!@ch, I hope he gets sacked 10 times. Go Rams. I'm rooting for the Ravens to win it all, but it won't happen.
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  • I hate them both but I am rooting for the Pack. I hope you notice how fast Redgers gets the ball out so fast and how hard and fast their RBs hit the hole. You can see how nice the line blocks. Aaron Donald is not being doubled. He has been playing over the guard but occasionally switches sides. The Pack does not try to go long every other play. They are very balance so far. I hope CPC and company are watching.
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  • This looks to be heading towards a no contest. Rams can't stop GB's running game between the 20's and Rodgers will throw 3 TD. Donald being gimpy can't be helping and Goff won't do anything of note. Only way this isn't a blowout is if GB puts the ball on the ground 3 times, loses all 3, and they're all inside their own 40.

    I hope I'm wrong. Can't stand Rodgers
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  • RedAlice wrote:Just curious.

    "The Seahawks are a winning team, Vs a team that really wins" so I take it, you must be referring to the GB Packers? :irishdrinkers:
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