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Jamal Adams injury

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Re: Jamal Adams injury
Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:04 pm
  • hawk45 wrote:If PC is uncertain about him playing in that upcoming game then clearly there is an injury of some magnitude. Perhaps quite small but if Pete, the guy who played his starter in a meaningless 3rd and 4th quarter, is considering keeping him out then that argues against it being insignificant since the upcoming game is, by contrast, as meaningful as it gets.

    Maybe he’ll be 100%, but if he’s on the fence at the moment it’s not 100%. It’s some percentage where there is a chance of damaging the player and jeopardizing his availability for future games.

    This isn’t “sky is falling” this is just pointing out that before the meaningless 3rd and 4th quarter we had a player who seemed to be a key piece on defense healthy, and now he is less healthy.

    Thank goodness we kept momentum. I’m sure the locker room will have much more confidence with a dinged up or out Adams because they beat the mighty niners and beathard. Win forever!

    I hope he’s healthy but even the chance of this is why I absolutely despise the decision not to pull the starters.

    The bears were within a score well into our 4th quarter so it wasn't meaningless at the time. Having the 2nd seed over GB would have been huge.
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Re: Jamal Adams injury
Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:09 pm
  • No matter how you want to dice it the fact is we are fortunate our biggest injury hit the defense.

    We have to get by the Rams any way necessary and if we lost any significant offensive players we would have zero, nil, no chance.

    The Rams offense isn’t even worth concern. We HAVE to score early and often on the Rams ONE DAMN GAME.

    It’s the future opponents (divisional round/nfccg) we can’t afford to lose defensive players against.
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