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If it blows up - who is Russ' replacement?

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  • Quite obviously I'm getting ahead of the situation dramatically - but, who?
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  • Macus Mariota — as part of the haul the Raiders would send our way.

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    James in PA
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  • Probably whomever we draft with a top 5 pick in 2022.
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  • It Marriota LOL. I’ve seen a lot of Titans games and the team improved significantly the second he was benched.
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  • Drew Lock. The kid rarely has a ball hit the ground. Somebody is catching it once he releases it.

    Wilson will look good in Orange and Blue
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  • Although the topic is hot property right now . My question is---Are we being played ? Of course we are ; it's off season and the media needs to feed the beast ---us . Answer---Watson .
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  • Hard to say without knowing who we're trading to in a theoretical trade scenario. If Jacksonville makes a move I could see Gardner Minshew and Trevor Lawrence coming to the Hawks, that right there would be the ideal scenario.

    Though, I don't think Wilson would want to go to the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has the complete authority to decide where he goes and control his fate. Now, he does have a good working relationship with Schotty who is there, though don't know how feels about Bevell.

    I've heard that the Patriots and Saints asked about Wilson. If a team like the Pats trade for Wilson I could see somebody like OSU's Justin Fields becoming a Hawk. He fits exactly what Carroll seems to like in his Quarterbacks. He may go higher than this pick though. Fields just seems to fit the mold of a Seahawk QB. Fast, really good deep ball, great arm. Tyler Wilson may also be a target, but once again, he may go higher than the Patriots pick.

    If no Qb's work out I could see us rolling with one of the FA's as a stop gap. Mich Trubisky seems like someone we may be tempted to go after, Ryan Fitzpatrick is also an option, though with his tendency to go through periods of turnovers, I don't think Carroll will roll with him, though he does have a good deep ball. I could also see Newton or a Tyrod Taylor as a Hawk.

    As I said, it would be very hard to ascertain who we'd end up with without knowing who would pull the trigger. There are a lot of different QB's we could end up with. Overall I think Mich Trubisky, Tyrod Taylor, Justin Fields, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Cam Newton would all be the most realistic potential targets. I don't think Wilson wants to go anywhere near Jacksonville.

    Oh, Carr is another QB we could end up with if the Raiders trade. Carr would be a good stop gap, though he doesn't fit the Carroll QB.
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  • I think they figure out a way to swap Russ for Watson. From Houston's perspective, Russ is the only potential option in the league that can do what Watson can. He'd bring a new vibe to the franchise and they wouldn't take a step back at all. They swap a disgruntled lead man for one who is eternally optimistic and eager to be in a place that will build around him. They woukd roll out the red carpet for Russ and give him everything he wants.

    You could argue that Watson might not be so keen to hook up with an offense that struggled the way we did over the second half, but seattle might ease those concerns in pitching the fact that we just brought on board the passing game coordinator from one of the most effective offensive attacks in the league. And they might also make the sell to Watson that he's a better fit for what they want to do which is to be more aggressive on offense, and do so within the script of the playbook.

    Watson would be a great fit here. He's younger (coach able), eager for stability in franchise leadership, and wants to be on a winner. From the PC and the FO's perspective, they might see in Watson the ability to do all the things russ did, AND some of what it seems they think he couldn't.

    Russ's wife has ties to Texas.

    Watson has a mentor here in his blindside protector, D Brown.

    Houston fan base and merchandise sales would go nuts if they got russ.

    Likewise for Seattle - assuming we've reached an impasse and HAVE to move on.

    Houston would be a draw for free agents looking to play with and for RW... the now free to cook RW.

    And Seattle would be intreaging as well, especially for those who may believe what's been said about RW's shortcomings (no pun intended). Watson is still one of the darlings of the league.

    It all sounds to me like a match made in heaven.
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  • Geno time!!!
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  • I think moving him to Miami would yield the best return. #3+#18 Pick+Tua, and whatever else you could squeeze out of them. If you don't like Tua, you could move him for additional picks and use the 3rd pick for a QB. You could package Tua and that #3 in a trade package for another QB out there you might like. Plus Miami might just be a good enough team and location to get Russ to agree to the trade.
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